School Uniform

St. Joseph’s School is committed to ensuring that uniform will be affordable for all parents and does not act as a barrier to parents when choosing the school.

The majority of the uniform is available online from our carefully sourced suppliers at a competitive price (for more information on our supplier please speak to the school office staff).

Winter uniform is worn after the first half term of a new school year (October/November) up until the Easter holidays, and should consist of:

  • Grey trouser or grey skirt or pinafore. Girl’s attire must be of a modest length.
  • White shirt
  • School tie (brown and gold)
  • Grey knitted jumper or knitted cardigan, these must be embroidered with the St Joseph’s emblem.
  • Black shoes
  • Grey sock or tights. White socks can be worn instead of tights.

Summer uniform is worn after the Easter holidays and up until the first half term of a new school year. It should consist of:


  • Grey shorts or trouser
  • Yellow embroidered t-shirt.
  • Knitted jumper
  • Black shoes
  • Grey socks


  • Yellow gingham dress. Once girls reach Y5 they can wear a yellow embroidered t-shirt with a grey skirt of modest length. Cycling shorts are not permitted under the dresses except for break times.
  • Grey embroidered cardigan
  • White socks, white tights can be worn during the cooler months.
  • Black shoes

Ethnic and Religious/Disability Considerations

  • Girls are allowed to wear trousers in order to achieve required modesty. Any other requests will be discussed by Personnel Governors on an individual basis.
  • Consideration will be taken for those children who need to wear particular fabrics or styles due to medical/ physical conditions e.g. need to wear particular fabrics for skin conditions or special shoes due to problems with feet.

PE Kit


  • Black shorts
  • PE T-shirt in house colours
  • Black pumps


  • PE t-shirt in house colours
  • Black tracksuit bottoms
  • Sweatshirt in house colours
  • Outdoor trainers

PE bags should be purchased in house colours

Other uniform items

  • Brown book bags with school emblem. These must be used by FS2 and KS1 children.
  • Brown school rucksacks can be purchased for older children.
  • Hats, coats and fleeces can be purchased in school colours from our suppliers.


  • The school expects that long hair is tied back to avoid accidents. Large headpieces are not appropriate. Small hair accessories should be in school colours.
  • Boys are expected to have a tidy hair cut with no tram-lines or markings cut into the hair or shaving of the head as this is not an appropriate school style and may appear threatening to some. Tidy ‘plaiting’ styles reflective of culture are acceptable. Coloured hair extensions are not appropriate.


  • Jewellery must not be worn although Year 6 children may wear a watch and girls with pierced ears may wear studs. These MUST be removed for PE on every occasion, even if the ears are newly pierced.
  • We recommend that piecing is carried out in the Summer holidays to allow time for the holes to heal.
  • It is not possible to sign a form accepting responsibility for any accident if children continue to wear earrings as the danger may be to other children in stepping on a stud etc.


  • Sensible shoes with low heals and firm strapping or ties to avoid slips and falls.
  • Boots/ankle boots are not appropriate footwear.



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