Our School Prayer

This is our school,

let peace dwell here.

Let each room be full of contentment,

love of God, love of one another

and love of life itself.



St Joseph’s Chaplaincy Team

The Chaplaincy team at St Joseph’s supports the Catholic life and mission of the school. Our mission is to contribute to the school’s life in faith and spirituality by leading our St Joseph’s family in prayer, worship, serving others and putting our faith into action. As well as this, our team plan and lead collective worship in class, year groups and whole school acts of worship. Our School Chaplains in Year 6 represent the school through regular meetings with collective worship leaders and are given a variety of roles to develop our mission and to grow deeper in faith together. The team also work in conjunction with other schools in our CMAT to live out the Gospel values, virtues and discipleship. Our Chaplains have a huge impact on the Catholic life of the school through their continued focus to improve the sense of community and to share the love of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit which guides our school.