Hand in Hand with God we learn
Today rather than tomorrow St Ralph Sherwin

A Warm Welcome

Mrs Tracey Churchill, Headteacher

As Headteacher it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to St. Joseph’s Catholic School Website.

St. Joseph’s School strives to enable every child to reach their own potential. Whilst we are proud, and rightly so, of our academic achievements, which continue to be among the best in the City, developing the whole child is equally, if not more important. Critical to this, however, is the support we give the children as they continue their spiritual journey by helping them develop a fuller understanding of their faiths and beliefs.

You are warmly invited to come to school, to look around, meet children and staff and soak up the distinctive atmosphere of St. Joseph’s School.

Our Mission Statement

We are proud of our school as a place of learning, prayer and happiness. Hand in hand with God, Our Lady and St Joseph, we promise to work hard and to be kind to one another so that we can grow stronger together in our faith. Hand in Hand with God we learn.