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Wednesday is our PE day. Children can come to school wearing their PE kits on this day.

Advent Term 1

Advent Term 2

We had a very exciting start to Advent Term 2! On our first day back we kept finding shiny golden beans all around our outdoor area. At first we did not know what to do with them but then some children decided that we could try planting them to see what happens…

We talked about everything we needed and the children set about collecting the plant pot, watering can, soil and a trowel and worked as a team to plant the golden beans.

The next morning, we could not believe our eyes!

Advent Term 1

Today we watched a video about a bear called Betty who was about to start school here at St Joseph’s. When we realised that she was on her way today we sprang into action preparing for her arrival by decorating the classroom, making yummy cakes and making cards and pictures for her! When she arrived we sang a special song to make her feel extremely welcome.

We then all wanted a turn to play with her so it’s a good job she is here to stay!